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Duomo Realty Corp. is designated as a member agent by ReferralExchange. Membership provides the ability to provide direct referrals around the country.

With over 20,000 agent members, ReferralExchange is one of the fastest-growing referral services in real estate. The network participated in over 10,000 closed sides in 2016 and made over 240,000 connections. The company has referral-ready real estate agents in all 50 states (100% of US Zip Codes) who have all been vetted and have years of experience and positive recommendations.

Submitted referrals are qualified and matched with 3-5 agents from the network. ReferralExchange uses proprietary data science to determine which agents are most suited for the particular consumer.  “What’s most important to me is that the people I refer have a positive experience, wherever their journey takes them,” said real estate broker John Case. “This network makes sure that my valued clients are taken care of with the same level of service I provide.”

We match clients with 3 great agents, to ensure that you have the "right fit" for your transaction and area. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

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